Jumbo Wings GFbaked & flash fried to order & tossed in our house made sauce served w/ blue cheese or ranch, organic carrots & celery
hot, mild, honey bbq & hot honey bbq
6-$8.95 12- $16.95 24-$30.95

Poppers – roasted jalapenos chopped & mixed with Italian sausage & cream cheese, handbreaded in seasoned panko served w/ buttermilk ranch $8.95

Spinach & Artichoke dip GFmade in house served in an iron skillet w/ flatbread $7.95

Seasoned Fries
GF$5.50 add cheese $1.00 add bacon & cheese $2.00
Add ranch or blue cheese $0.50


All flatbreads start w/ housemade dough, garlic infused olive oil & mozzarella

Garlic & Cheese- $8.25
Margarita Flatbread – mozzarella, tomatoes & basil $8.95
Sicilian Flatbread - italian sausage, pepperoni, Mozzarella, Parmesan & basil $9.95


House made dressings: Buttermilk Ranch, Blue Cheese, Oil & Vinegar, and Balsamic Vinaigrette
Add $2.50 half order of seasoned fries

House Salad GF – organic spring mix, shaved organic carrots, red onions, tomatoes & parmesan cheese
half $5.95 reg $7.95
Grilled Chicken $2.95

Hot Sandwich

w/ seasoned fries or small bed of organic greens
Add $2.50 for small house salad or half order of seasoned fries

Grilled Chicken –
grilled chicken breast tossed in your choice of sauce of bbq, lettuce, tomato & onion served on a harvest moon brioche $9.95

Gluten FREE bread available $1.00
Add Veggies:
Pickled Jalapeno $.50, Fresh Jalapeno $1.00, Banana Peppers $.75, Avocado $1.00, Pickles $.25

Specialty Burgers

All burgers are hand pattied using locally produced Scanga beef, served on a harvest moon brioche bun w/ seasoned fries or small bed of organic greens
Add $2.50 for small house salad or half order of seasoned fries

The Big Red Burger* –
w/ our house mix of spicy blue cheese & shredded lettuce $11.75

The Butte Burger* –
w/ pepper jack cheese, avocado, & bacon $13.50

The Cowboy Burger* –
w/ cheddar cheese, hot honey BBQ & bacon $12.50

The mo burger* - w/ mozzarella, balsamic caramelized mushrooms & onions $13.50

Veggie Burger – housemade w/ fresh herbs organic quinoa, black beans & veggies, served on a crustini bun w/ basil pesto $10.75

Iron Horse Burger* –
start w/ our burger and top it anyway you’d like $10.75 Double $14.50

Burger Toppings:
Pretzel bun $.50
Cheeses: Hot Pepper Jack, White American, Blue Cheese Crumbles, & Cheddar $1.00
Meat: Bacon $1.50
Free: Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion & Mayo – UPON REQUEST ONLY!
Sauce: Hot, Mild, Hot Honey BBQ, Honey BBQ, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, & Spicy Mayo $.50
Veggies: Pickled Jalapeno $.50, Fresh Jalapeno $1.00, Banana Peppers $.75, Avocado $1.00, Pickles $.25

GLUTEN FREE buns available $1.00

Don’t Like Beef?
Substitute a housemade veggie burger or grilled chicken for $.50

*these items may be served raw or undercooked based on your specification, or contain raw or undercook ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry seafood or shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food born illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Specialty pizzas

Medium 14” & large 16”

All pizzas are made with fresh housemade pizza dough & housemade sauces
Add $2.50 for small house salad or half order of seasoned fries

Iron Horse
– italian sausage, pepperoni & bacon w/ traditional sauce & mozzarella Medium $15.95 Large $22.95

garlic olive oil, balsamic caramelized onions & mushrooms, bacon, mozzarella, goat cheese & balsamic glaze
Medium $16.95 Large $23.95

Margarita – garlic infused olive oil, sliced tomatoes, fresh basil & mozzarella
Medium $14.95 Large $21.95

Mt. Veggie - pineapple, jalapeno, fresh garlic, banana peppers, red onion, red peppers, mozzarella & traditional sauce
Medium $14.95 Large $21.95

Hot Honey BBQ Chicken – grilled chicken, hot honey bbq sauce, red onion & mozzarella
Medium $15.95 Large $22.95

Buffalo Chicken – house made hot sauce, grilled chicken, mozzarella, blue cheese crumbles & banana peppers
Medium $16.95 Large $23.95

Spinach Artichokegarlic olive oil, spinach, artichokes, spicy cream cheese, sausage, mozzarella, & parmesan cheese
Medium $15.95 Large $22.95

Medium 14”
$13.95 each topping $1.50
Large 16” $17.95 each topping $2.00
GLUTEN FREE pizzas crust available 12’’ only $1.00

Veggies: banana peppers, fresh jalapenos, pickled jalapenos, mushroom, red pepper, onion, garlic, kalamata olives, tomatoes, pineapple, sundried tomatoes, spinach, fresh basil, blue cheese crumbles
Meats: pepperoni, Italian sausage, grilled chicken, bacon
Sauce: garlic olive oil, honey bbq, hot bbq, hot or mild
additional $.75


Ultimate Brownie Sunday-
fudgy brownie topped with ice cream, housemade hot fudge & candied pecans $8.50
Fudgy brownie
- w/ ice cream $6.95

Ask about our seasonal desserts available!
GF – Gluten free

We make 99% of our menu items from scratch including our panini bread, pizza dough, all of our sauces, appetizers and more. We also use the best quality, local beef and pork products from Scanga Meats in Salida, CO as well as Red Bird Chicken!